City of Central Adopts CSRS Developed Off-Site Drainage Assessment Program

April 22, 2021

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At the April 13, 2021 council meeting, the City of Central unanimously approved a resolution authoring the implementation of the Off-Site Drainage Assessment program (ODA), which uses high-resolution 2-dimensional (2D) computer modeling to help identify potential drainage impacts from proposed developments within the City. This is a tremendous step in moving to a more robust and comprehensive assessment of potential drainage impacts from the proposed development. The ODA utilizes the best available data and technology to provide peace of mind to the residents of the City and to ensure that new developments will not increase their flood risk.

CSRS, Inc. developed the high-resolution, 2D computer models for the City as part of their first-ever Drainage Master Plan. This model, now adopted as the Effective Hydraulic Model (EHM), will be used to perform off-site drainage assessments for specific proposed developments based on their type, size, and/or location within the Conveyance Zone. The Conveyance Zone is defined as the area flooded more than 0.5 feet deep from the EHM during a 100-year, 24-hr storm event. An ODA will be required for proposed developments of more than five residential lots or any proposed commercial development within the Conveyance Zone.

The City of Central will utilize CSRS’ expertise and guidance on performing the ODA. Our modeling program is designed to help sustain new developments and safeguard against any adverse effects on surrounding properties. The models produced will serve as the foundation for developing a flood forecasting system as well as supporting the continued effort in disaster recovery, grant applications, floodplain management, and drainage maintenance for the City. To learn more about this project, visit

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