Cities around the world are recognizing the promise that greenspaces hold in reducing the risks of extreme weather, environmental degradation, and threats to public health. CSRS utilizes the latest technology to tackle challenges and opportunities through an inclusive planning processes that identifies shared values and priorities while honoring the unique attributes of people and places. We combine our experience in project and program delivery with risk assessment, planning and grants management to help our clients achieve resilience.

Our approach focuses on reducing risk and negative environmental impacts through active engagement, constant collaboration, successful implementation and the encouragement of big ideas. We manage a wide range of projects from large and small public programs with multi-billion-dollar federal grant funding to mixed-use land developments, while keeping the benefit of the community at the forefront of our minds.


“CSRS is the right firm for large, comprehensive projects that require dedication to Parish government and the citizens in of critical, quality-of-life services.”

-Jerome Fournier, Director of Planning and Development Ascension Parish


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Mark Goodson
Principal, Planning and Resilience Practice Lead

Mark Goodson is CSRS’ Planning & Resilience Practice Lead who oversees a multi-disciplinary team of professionals that advises clients on how to survive, adapt, and thrive during changing conditions. He is particularly skilled at helping clients turn liabilities into assets and maximizing the community benefits produced by capital expenditures and investments. Mr. Goodson and our planning and resilience team members provide technical assistance to commercial and governmental clients across the U.S. to identify risks and vulnerabilities, develop strategic plans and interventions, and design and implement resilience programs, as well as integrate resilience and sustainability into existing capital programs.

Mr. Goodson’s career spans over 15 years, during which time he focused on resilience, urban planning and redevelopment, public finance and budgeting, and program management. Mr. Goodson holds a Bachelor of Landscape Architecture and a Master of Public Administration, both from Louisiana State University.


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