Louisiana Community and Technical College System

Act 360 and Act 391 Statewide Facilities Improvement Program

During the 2007 and 2013 Legislative sessions, the Louisiana Legislature passed SB 337 and SB 204, two statewide facilities initiatives that will improve Louisiana’s Community and Technical College facilities. These initiatives will provide increased training capacity and opportunities for students, business, and industry in both rural and urban areas across the state.

ACT 360 and ACT 391 provide new campus facilities for community and technical colleges statewide. A private match requirement of 12% will bring the total to $459 million. ACT 391 provided funds for new construction and renovations to existing buildings for 23 projects in 14 community and technical colleges throughout the state. ACT 391 funding has enabled LCTCS to build facilities that respond to essential workforce training needs and provide the flexibility required in addressing the demands of business and industry.

ACT 360 will provide funds for new construction and renovations of existing buildings for 29 projects, which include 25 workforce projects, 3 one stop student testing, career, and service centers, and one safety related project.

CSRS provides comprehensive program management services to the LCTCS Facilities Corporation for complete project delivery. The scope of services includes thorough reviews of documents produced by designers during design phases, with periodic meetings with the designers for the development of construction costs, preparation of documents to be used for construction, and periodic on-site observations during construction. CSRS also advises the Corporation on the most cost effective means of fulfilling the program objectives.

CSRS has the experience needed in the alternative financing and alternative delivery methods to ensure that projects will be completed on time and under budget.

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Brian A. Budd
Program Director

Mr. Budd has over 20 years’ experience in the Architectural Design and Construction industry.  Through his diverse career, he has acquired skills relative to FEMA and Grants Management, Program Management, and Disaster Recovery project work. Mr. Budd is also an experienced educator, having developed communication and presentation skills as Professional in Residence at Louisiana State University’s Interior Design Department speaking on topics including Computer Visualization, Computer Aided Design, and Technical Board Drafting.


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