Sanitary Sewer Overflow (SSO) Rehabilitation Program

East Baton Rouge City-Parish


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The Baton Rouge City-Parish Department of Public Works implemented the Sanitary Sewer Overflow (SSO) Control and Wastewater Facilities Program to address existing sewer overflow and wastewater treatment challenges in the parish. At the same time, the City-Parish planned for anticipated future growth. Our role in the SSO Program included analysis and rehabilitation of approximately 1,250 miles of existing gravity sewer pipelines.


As part of the $1.3 billion Baton Rouge SSO Program, CSRS has provided pipeline rehabilitation design and survey services in the development of 30 area-wide sanitary sewer rehabilitation projects located throughout the Parish. Our goals were to identify and reduce stormwater Inflow and Infiltration (I&I) by utilizing the “Find and Fix” method. Pipeline rehabilitation services included analyzing and reviewing a broad spectrum of collected data to make corrective repair recommendations using both current trenchless technologies and traditional excavated methods. The primary source of data applied in making repair recommendations by our design team was closed-circuit television inspections (CCTV) of multiple components of the public gravity system, which included sewer mainlines, manholes and service laterals. The CCTV data was used with a field survey and visual inspections to design constructible solutions while minimizing inconveniences to the public appropriately. CSRS’ deliverables included construction plans, probable construction costs, survey maps, and acquisition of all necessary permits from applicable regulatory agencies. Once the design was complete, CSRS assisted the program with bidding, contracting, and construction administration support.

In addition to the rehabilitation services, our firm provided right-of-way, land acquisition, and relocation assistance services for the entirety of the SSO Program.


CSRS surveyed every single sanitary sewer manhole in East Baton Rouge Parish. In addition, CSRS established vertical benchmarks on every sewer pump station for insulation of backup generators to operate the lift station in the absence of electrical service.