Program Management

Move your project in the right direction.

Today’s complex infrastructure and facilities projects require much more than the right A&E team to get off the ground. Your organization, stakeholders, and community need help to plan, fund, and navigate the countless and often overwhelming aspects of multi-faceted programs. You need someone who looks out for your best interests, who oversees all the players in the process, and who ensures all the i’s are dotted and t’s are crossed. Confidence that your project investment will serve your constituents’ needs today and into the future is a must!

CSRS delivers comprehensive program management that puts your needs first.

You’re probably not an expert in procurement, grant management, risk assessment, or engineering and design—and you are not expected to be. Yet it takes these skill sets and more, to successfully manage the development of new infrastructure and facilities for your community. CSRS offers your organization all the necessary expertise and serves as a trusted advisor and an extension of your own team, to manage every aspect of your project in a way that furthers your mission and objectives.

First we listen. Then we execute.

The CSRS approach to program management begins with a thorough understanding of your mission and objectives. Because design is core to our DNA, we will quickly and fully embrace your goal for your new infrastructure or facilities project. With successful achievement of your goal in mind, we assemble the right team to move your project forward from beginning to end.

Depending on the unique needs and scope of your project, we onboard experts in multiple areas, including:

  • Planning and budgeting
  • Sourcing and securing funding and grant management
  • Assessing risk and designing and implementing strategies to mitigate risks
  • Bidding, procurement, and oversight of engineering and design contractors
  • Providing construction administration services
  • Providing government advisory
  • Providing community outreach and stakeholder engagement

Our multi-disciplinary approach ensures you get the right advice and the best technical approach tailored to every phase of your unique project. Furthermore, because we work collaboratively with you, you know that your needs and interests come first in every decision.

Maximize the return on your investment.

With CSRS working as part of your team to oversee the management of your program, you gain peace of mind that every involved contractor is doing his part to further your objectives. We ensure quality delivery while maintaining budgets and schedules. We help you spend your funds as effectively as possible. Every project experiences occasional problems, some large, some small. Regardless of the size, we efficiently address hurdles and develop solutions to keep your project on track. We allow you to stay focused on your core business requirements, confident that CSRS is doing whatever it takes to move your project forward and achieve the results you expect.


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Michael B. Songy, P.E., PLS
Principal & CEO

Michael Songy, a founding Principal and CEO at CSRS, Inc., has more than 37 years of experience leading and developing the firm’s technical teams with civil engineering experience in designing, reviewing, surveying, and managing multiple types of projects for both public and private sectors. Mr. Songy has undertaken various consulting assignments including transportation planning and management of capital improvement programs such as the East Baton Rouge City-Parish Green Light Plan, feasibility analyses for land development strategies, engineering and storm water management, and impact assessments for local governing authorities, such as the Regional Impact Study for Southwest Louisiana.


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