Walter Monsour

Vice President, Government Advisory Practice Lead
Walter Monsour has spent 45 years of his professional career in the private sector as an attorney, business owner, and real estate developer.

Walter Monsour has vast experience in both the private and public sector. Since joining CSRS in January 2015, Mr. Monsour has brought significant value to the company in the areas of government budgeting and forecasting, cost controls, and private sector interactions with both elected and appointed officials. His many years of government and business experience enhance CSRS’ ability to successfully initiate and complete projects on time and on budget.

Mr. Monsour spent 45 years of his professional career in the private sector as an attorney, business owner, and commercial and residential real estate developer. He has in-depth knowledge of all elements of transaction processes, from the purpose of the development to the parties involved, and the financing intricacies of the project. And is extremely knowledgeable in Louisiana Procurement Law and alternative forms of project delivery.

Mr. Monsour is widely known for his work in the public sector, where he served as the Chief Administrative Officer for the East Baton Rouge City-Parish under two different Mayor-Presidents, Executive Assistant District Attorney, Parish Attorney for East Baton Rouge Parish, and President/CEO of the East Baton Rouge Redevelopment Authority which he built from the ground up.

As President and CEO of the Redevelopment Authority, he led the organization in returning blighted properties to productive use, fostering redevelopment through facilitating partnerships, and creating a vibrant, globally competitive community while preserving character of place. As Chief Administrative Officer, Mr. Monsour directed all facets of the daily operations and functions of the City-Parish government including all strategic initiatives for the Mayor-President and the Metropolitan Council.


“I believe my vast and varied experiences in both the private and public sectors make me uniquely able to assist public officials put forth the best practices of governmental operations and strategic initiatives in a business-like manner.”