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Disaster Recovery/Resilience

Rebuild safer, smarter, and stronger.

Communities within the Gulf Coast Region, unfortunately, are quite familiar with disaster. However, governments within this region that have previously undergone a rebuild process still struggle with the complexities of obtaining and managing federal funding while working to stabilize their disaster-stricken communities and bring operations back online as quickly as possible. If your city or state is victimized by a natural or manmade disaster, expert guidance and support can expedite your recovery, maximize available funding sources, and ensure your community emerges stronger and more resilient than ever.

CSRS offers comprehensive disaster recovery solutions to help your community prevail.

Rising above the chaos that ensues post-disaster takes an in-depth knowledge of complex federal funding programs along with the multi-disciplinary expertise needed to manage comprehensive development programs. If your staff is displaced or disrupted, it may be nearly impossible to quickly regroup and dedicate the resources needed to expedite your recovery. When disaster strikes, time is of the essence, and your community looks to you to quickly begin putting the pieces back together. When you trust CSRS to manage your rebuild effort, you take advantage of an entire team of experts, with the right know-how and focus to put your recovery in motion as well as the dedication to return your community to an even healthier and more robust state.

We help maximize you’re funding and do more with it.

At CSRS, our experience in disaster recovery services spans every major storm that has impacted Louisiana since 2005. We’re experts at helping our clients navigate the complex, and time-consuming maze of legal codes, policies, and regulations that must be complied with to secure sources of federal funding from agencies like FEMA, DHS, and HUD.

But successful disaster recovery is about a lot more than maximizing available grant reimbursement under the law. We combine our funding expertise and comprehensive program management services, and we assemble an interconnected team of accounting, architectural, and engineering professionals to successfully see your rebuild project through from beginning to end.

As part of the process, we help you spend funding sources appropriately and resolve any non-compliance issues so you don’t risk losing your funding or leaving available moneys unspent. We provide guidance on project-level cashflow management and innovative funding strategies so you can do more with the resources you receive and maximize the flexibility of how your funds can be spent.

At the same time, we oversee all facets of implementation to ensure project quality and efficiency, keep your rebuild on budget and on schedule, and ensure your goals and objectives are met. Our focus here is on resilience-building. As a result, your rebuilt infrastructure can withstand future incidents and provide your community with newfound confidence in its ability to weather any storm.

Connect with a single source of expertise for all your disaster recovery needs.

The last thing your government needs post-disaster is additional sources of complexity. CSRS provides the simplicity and convenience of working with one capable advisor to oversee and expedite your entire recovery and rebuild process. Trust CSRS to set forth all of our resources to quickly get your community back in order. You’ll not only recover faster. You’ll rebuild Safer, Smarter, and Stronger, too.

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Allison Davis Atkinson
FEMA Programs Practice Lead

Allison Davis Atkinson has 14 years of experience in handling complex technical, policy, and inter-agency coordination issues, including 10 years specific to Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA).


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