Our Story

Who We Are

At CSRS, we help you plan, design, fund and implement sustainable projects, recover from disaster with more resilience, and navigate political bureaucracy so you can achieve your goals today and well into the future. Our team is comprised of trusted advisors and facilitators committed to building stronger, smarter communities.


How We Started

A rare partnership for its time, CSRS was established when a small architectural firm merged with a small engineering firm. This formed the base of our two core services, laying groundwork for the multidisciplinary company we are today.

In the late 1990s, we shifted our focus to program management. This defining moment kick-started our evolution into a comprehensive development advisory and program management consulting company. Within 40 years CSRS has grown, providing a variety of services across our four office locations throughout Louisiana and Texas.


“Building stronger, smarter communities together isn’t just a tagline. It’s the way we think.” – CSRS President Tim Barfield


Today, CSRS employs architects, landscape architects, planners, civil engineers, environmental specialists and many other skilled professionals. Our current structure enables us to create unique teams with the right expertise for each client. It’s our job to ensure money is spent wisely, efficiently and effectively. At CSRS, we believe in working smarter to deliver projects that positively impact our communities.

We strive to achieve industry leadership in each of our core services by leveraging our innovation and expertise to improve our communities. With a culture of creative thinking –and our background in engineering and architecture –we are providing a balance between big ideas and the technical ability to deliver a successful project every time, no matter how complex or challenging.

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